Bathroom Renovations on a Budget

It is entirely possible to save big when redoing a bathroom on a fix and flip property, especially when you avoid gutting everything right down to the studs. 

Instead, make the bathroom look nice by updating without breaking the bank. Nobody needs to know you did a budget bathroom remodel if you pay attention to the key areas below.

1. Paint

Paint goes a long way toward making everything old new again. Since it’s by far the cheapest option to consider in an inexpensive bathroom remodel, it should also be the first. Bright, colorful paint goes best in a small space.

2. Reface, Don’t Replace

You may have heard about refacing kitchen cabinets. The same trick works for a budget bathroom remodel. Another money-saving ploy is covering up dings and holes in wallboard with attractive wainscotting.

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3. Not Your Father’s Laminate Flooring

Think laminate flooring’s ugly? It’s a whole lot prettier than it used to be. It’s also orders of magnitude cheaper than other popular options. Not only does it look great in an inexpensive bathroom remodel, it also holds up well to moisture.

4. Refinish the Tub

A tub is yet another high-cost item we can save on with a good refinishing. Cover up cosmetic blemishes with a coat of special paint. Professional tub refinishing companies like Permaglaze or Miracle Method can make an old tub or shower look like new for a fraction of the cost of out-and-out replacing.

5. Don’t Skip the Caulking and Grout

On your quest for remodeling your fix and flip property’s bathroom on a budget, don’t forget about the small details like caulking and grout. These have a tendency to look quite dirty after some time. Easily cleaning or replacing some of the problem-areas can brighten up a bathroom in minutes and give it a refreshing look for not a lot of money.

6. Ask Other Fix and Flip Real Estate Investors for Their Sources

Want to find the cheapest supplies for your budget bathroom remodel? Ask other investors where they shop. Local peers will often have a few cherished sources for items like inexpensive toilets, bathroom countertops, mirrors, lighting, and other necessities.

7. Check Big Box Stores

Check out big box stores like HomeDepot for bargains when remodeling a bathroom on a budget. They carry everything from faucets to bathtubs, so you’ll have a nice variety of products with different styles and price tags to choose from.

8. Buy Orphaned Items

Damaged bathroom fixtures that are just a little scratched or dinged, floor models, or special-ordered vanities the buyer changed their mind about can slash remodeling costs. Ask about marked down items at both big box stores and small local suppliers alike.

9. Go Cheap, but Not Too Cheap

Stepping down from the most expensive options for tubs, showers, toilets, sinks, and vanities can save a lot of money without sacrificing too much quality. Do your research and stay away from rock-bottom offerings to avoid turning off prospective home buyers (or remodeling again too soon). Reviews from TheSweetHome can help you find a comfy niche between too cheap and too expensive.

10. Leave Plumbing Where It Is

Moving plumbing is expensive. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, plumbing relocation should never be part of a budget bathroom remodel. Moving plumbing fixtures adds up to thousands of dollars very quickly.

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