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What is the LendingOne Partner Program?

LendingOne prides itself on building relationships and expanding its community of realtors, investors, real estate attorneys and other third parties. Through our partner program, potential partners are provided the opportunity to earn compensation in exchange for each client they refer. LendingOne invites interested parties to participate in this partner program so we can help grow clients’ real estate businesses together.

Choose from one of our partner programs:


    If you are a real estate investor, a real estate attorney, or any other third party who wants to refer us business, then the referral partner program is for you.


    If you are a mortgage broker or loan origination consultant, then our broker partner program is for you.


    If you are a business that provides goods or services to investors in non-owner occupied real estate, then the corporate partner program is for you.

    After applying for one of our partner programs, one of our partner consultants will get in touch with you in 24 hours. If you’d like to also have a discussion with us about our broker, corporate, or referral partner programs, please schedule a call.

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