How to Make Your Property Ready to Sell

With all of the work and expense to make the fix and flip project a success, it really comes down to making it stand out in the crowd. There is a balance between leaving some open room for customization for the buyer, and having a move-in-ready turnkey project. As far as staging a property goes, here are a few ideas to work toward for the open house:

Preparing the Property

  • Make sure all construction debris has been removed from the structure and any dumpsters or containers moved off of the property.
  • Make sure everything is as clean as possible. Floors, fixtures, windows etc. should be spotless to showcase the ‘new’ value of the property.
  • Make sure there are no leftover cigarette, pet, construction, or other odors. Nothing turns off a prospective buyer more than a disagreeable odor.
  • Make sure there are multiple options for the empty rooms. Extra bedrooms or breakfast nooks are often converted to home offices, and the den or basement can become the playrooms for children or rec-rooms for adults. Helping the prospective buyer picture each room helps them become involved with the property on a personal level.

Tips for Staging with Furniture

  • Keep furniture sparse, neutral, and inviting. Don’t over clutter any area. The idea is to spark the prospective buyer’s imagination, not overpower it.
  • Try to encourage the prospective buyer to look at every room.
  • Stay in season with décor if possible. Fresh flowers in spring, earth tones in fall, holiday decorations in winter, etc.
  • Make sure the prospective buyer understands what is and is not included in the sale of the property.

Don’t Forget the Outside

  • Clean and mow the lawn, trim bushes and trees, and mulch if needed around trees or other plants.
  • Make windows, shutters, gutters, and all outside areas clean and inviting.
  • Driveway must be clean, clear and without debris.
  • Ensure all fences and gates are repaired and working properly, and do a final cleaning of decks and patios.
  • Post new house numbers clearly on the mailbox and on the front of the structure.
  • Invest in a colorful front door, and don’t forget to check that the doorbell works!

Final Prep Work to Consider

  • Prepare a walk-through video for online viewing. If possible, prepare a before and after video to showcase the accomplishments of the contractors.
  • Make a blog with daily or weekly photographs or videos to build excitement for blog followers.
  • Make sure utilities are on for final inspections and walk-through tours.
  • Make sure all property tax, appraisals, and other paperwork is ready to be easily transferred to the new owner. Less red tape means a faster sale.
  • Make sure all termite or other pest inspections are completed and there is no sign of any pests on the property.
  • Anticipate questions from the prospective buyer and have accurate and complete answers. (A qualified real estate professional can help in this area.)
  • Know exactly what the bottom dollar price is acceptable for a profitable return.
  • Have all nearby school, shopping, entertainment, and park areas highlighted with other relevant neighborhood information.

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Remember that ROI (Return On Investment) budgeting is considered for staging, landscaping, cleaning and other final showing steps. Anything that you can do once you are ready to sell the home will only help entice more buyers to want to place a bid. Get prepared, organized, and ready for a great open house thanks to these tips.


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